Borséma is a supplier of Antique Woods 

The use of antique woods is not only very trendy, it is furthermore very beautiful and over all an envirementably  good choice. Because you are able to use this wood in massiv furniture, without having the fear, that new trees were especially chopped for this reason. It is therefore a very good way of recycling.

The Borséma Antique Woods are called Haute Material (=High materials), because the quality of antique surfaces is preserved through the recovery of beams and other precious wooden elements.

After a careful selection, the most valuable wood is subjected to a meticulous, 'hand made' restoration and cleaning, in order to avoid any alternation of the original quality, while removing splinters on surface.

You can download the Catalogue & price list for 2018 by pushing the buttons:

On this website there is only a small overview of which is possible. Borséma can supply any kind of wood or customized furniture made out of these woods, like for example kitchens, especialy built to the client needs. For the regular antique wood products, there is a folder of the standard products and a pricelist for 2018 for download availabe.

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