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Driving With Gloves

Driving With Gloves is a car programm on Youtube. It started it's first video in May 2017. The reviews are in English and there are some versions with German and Italian subtitles available.
Driving With Gloves is located in Switzerland. This beautiful country has fantastic mountain roads and roads along the various lakes.
These fanstastic roads will be driven in the series. But the reviews will not only be taken in Switzerland. The idea is also to test cars in other countries, since the top speed in Switzerland is limited to only 120 km/h, there will not be to much motorway scenes from Switzerland, but more likely from Germany where there is no speedlimit.
The idea behind Driving With Gloves is to show also cars which are not very known, cars like the  Mako P or YES! Roadster. So not only the newest supercars are shown, but also classic cars who are very rare.
And why do I drive with gloves? My answer can only be; "Why not!"
Do not forget to like my videos and subscribe to my Youtube channel, because the more views and the more subscribers, the better the videos can become and more exclusive cars there can be reviewed.
Thank you very much,


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