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The Borséma GmbH is a Swiss company founded in 2009. It was initially founded to create a new Swiss supercar brand.

The first production car built by the company will be the Borséma Centauro W.Tell, a car as fast as an arrow shot by William Tell. The story of William Tell goes hand in hand with the founding of Switzerland in 1291. Since William Tell came from canton Uri, it was more than obvious that the only car built in canton Uri wears the name William Tell.

Since developing a prototype with more than 1000 hp is very expensive the Borséma GmbH started to get into other branches as well.

New is the Youtube channel from the Borséma GmbH: Driving With Gloves, which is launched in May 2017.
In Driving With Gloves, the founder of the Borséma GmbH, Cor Boersma, reviews special cars.

Why does he drive with gloves? The answer can only be; "why not!!!"
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