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Swiss made Supercars  for tall people

Borséma  is the manufacturer of one of the most exclusive cars in the world. Borséma  is currently building the Prototype (as shown on the pictures) of the CENTAURO W.Tell.









The Borséma CENTAUROW.Tell  is extraordenarily rare, because the production of this specific car model will be strictly limited. Only 1 productioncar is for sale, so exclusivity will be guaranteed! (Protoypes are absolutely not for sale!) This one of a kind car will be made to order only. 






The idea behind Borséma was very simpel. The founder Cor Boersma, who is an absolute car freak, was fed up that he did not fit in most supercars. So in 2004 he made up his mind to create his own supercar. A car for real enthusiasts, who love to drive a car themselfs, without being interupted by a panel of electronical judges. So he started to analyse the common supercars and racingcars to develop his own supercar. Since the whole car is a one man show, you might even say that it is a piece of art.














What makes Borséma special?

  • It is a piece of art,

    • because it is developed, designed and handbuilt by one single person

    • there is only one production car for sale from the following models

      • Borséma  CENTAURO W.Tell

      • Borséma Diavolezza

      • Borséma Aquila


  • Big enough for drivers up to 1.95 m

  • Extraordenary fast

  • Noble





  • Length                                   4450 mm

  • Width                                     1950 mm

  • Hight                                      1035 mm

  • Wheelbase                             2667 mm

  • Weight                                    1050 kg


  • Engine V8 Biturbo                  1126 hp          1450 Nm

  • Gear Box                                 6-Speed manual racing gear box with gated shifter



  • Top speed                               >400 km/h

  • Acceleration                           <2.5 sec.



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